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The Crazy Messed Up Web Site, y0!


Screwed up MGS couples;
Kyle & Ann Marie,
Jamar & La-Tavia,
Ann Marie & Sheli...

Known Facts;

Kaitlyn will try to get a Sharpie at least once a day...(haha)..
Kyle will end up choking at least once during the day.
nn Marie will bring Kyle up in a sentence at least thirty times in a day.
Tara will end up calling either Kyle or James an "ass monkey" or some other name..that she calls people..

Okay..So uhm..I dunno what to put here...You guys are going to have to tell me. Email me or something, y0! And if you don't know my screen name.....well, you should know it.

....Ahaha.....That music in the background?...It's that Hellogoodbye song, "Call 'N Return", that I've been talking about for a whie...